CV: Ivar Fjeld

Ivar Fjeld (1965-) Born on the island of Sotra, Norway

1986-1987: Journalist in the local newspaper Sotra-Nytt

1988:  Editor of Sotra-Nytt

1988-1992: Ass. Editor in the regional newspaper Vestnytt

1989-1991: Graduated from the Norwegian Accademy of Journalism, Oslo.

1997-2016: Member of the Press Club in the Parliament of Norway (Stortinget)

2001:  Media advisor for Minister of Oil and Energy, Mr. Olav Akselsen.

2006-2009: Goa-representative of Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI).

2022: Received a NBPA National Award in India from the National Banjara Professors Association (NBPA) and International Banjara Roma Organzation (IBRO) in the city of Gadag. For my book “Gypsy and Daughter of India, Gor Banjara” and 15 years of service for the Banjara community in India.

Executive member of board of directors:

President of Norwegian Celtic Association (NCA)

President of The Banjara Association of Norway (BAN)

Member of:

Gideon International

NPAI (Norske Pinsevenners Arbeid i Israel). Som har fått namnet “Med Hjerte for Israel”